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Digital Twin Studios responds to the medical industry's leadership in immersive/interactive content adoption.

The medical industry is a major developer of immersive/interactive content across its sectors.

From training certification to product development and sales, the healthcare community has invested heavily into immersive solutions. Digital Twin Studios prototypes training solutions in medical e-learning to develop content across the 1m+ user subscription market.

Digital Twin Studios develops proposals and grant initiatives in partnership with medical device patent holders, manufacturers, research institutions and state health organizations to develop innovative, multi-impact solutions.

Our Health Sector Experts

Digital Twin Studios is developing a team of advisors who have extensive experience teaching, consulting and designing solutions across their specializations.



Benefits & Features

  • Training Time to Completion
  • Information Retention & Proficiency
  • Increased Safety & Anxiety Reduction
  • Multi-user Training
  • Robust Data Reporting
  • Cost-Benefit Analysis Justification

Health Courses

Digital Twin Studios develops 3D Interactive and Virtual Reality solutions for some of the world’s largest corporations in the Energy and Maritime industries. We work closely with these industry leaders to develop custom operational learning and hands-on training experiences. Every course we develop will be made available to everyone through our online Learning Management System.

Contact us to discuss the development and distribution of customized design, training and sales solutions across the healthcare application spectrum.

If you are interested in custom learning content for your company, please contact us and we'll be happy to answer your questions.