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Custom Development

Digital Twin Studios converts existing training content or designs new training content into immersive (VR-ready) and interactive (Desktop-ready) learning experiences to client specifications.

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Custom Development

The digital reality industries are growing at an exponential rate with development companies pursuing a myriad of paths to anticipate the needs of enterprise and consumer markets. DTS differentiates itself in the marketplace with a keen focus on developing the most efficient learning solutions to enhance design, training and sales goals regardless of industry.

  1. 1


    Where does the learning take place?

  2. 2


    What tools/devices are required to make the setting authentic?

  3. 3


    What goal should the learner achieve?

  4. 4


    What assets should be functional/manipulatable in the setting?

  1. 1


    How much instruction does each module contain?
    Script, Runtime, Exercise, Assessment

  2. 2


    How quickly does the project need to be completed?
    4w, 8w, 12w, 16w

  3. 3


    What resolution quality should the project be delivered?
    Ultra, High, Mid, Low

Content Development

Once customized content is defined and detailed, the DTS operational model leverages the Agile software development framework of SCRUM project management as well as the ADDIE instructional design method to ensure planned milestone achievement and best practices in learning and training methodologies.

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