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XR Design & Development

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Our XR Design & Development work leverages virtual and augmented reality to open new doors for interactive, immersive learning and business innovation. It’s about turning complex concepts into accessible, engaging experiences that inform and inspire.

Learning Development

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Our approach to Learning Development combines the latest immersive technology with proven educational strategies. We’re focused on creating solutions that make immersive learning more engaging and compelling, preparing individuals to thrive in a rapidly changing world.

Digital Twin

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We’re transforming industries with Digital Twin technology in partnership with Unity and Meta to enhance decision-making, optimize operations, and accurately predict future trends, paving the way for more innovative, sustainable solutions.

Unity Platinum Reseller

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As a Unity Platinum Reseller, we offer unparalleled access to the latest Unity technologies, empowering clients with the tools to create cutting-edge immersive learning experiences.

Center of Excellence Partner Program

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As a Unity Center of Excellence Partner, we specialize in designing and launching innovative, interactive content for Automotive, AEC, Education, and other industries, focusing on immersive learning.

Certified Creator Network Member

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As Unity Certified Creator Network members, we deliver advanced Metaverse experiences, unparalleled training, and broad industry solutions, emphasizing immersive learning.

From Small to Epic, We Handle it All

No project is too small or large for us—our wide-ranging expertise and partnerships with industry leaders highlight our commitment to innovation and achieving outstanding outcomes. Our focus is on the impact, leveraging every opportunity to spark change, enhance education, and improve business practices. We believe each project, regardless of size, contributes to a more innovative and fair world.

We Help Save on Project Costs

We strategically manage projects to extend your investment’s reach, ensuring quality isn’t sacrificed for cost-effectiveness. Our commitment to exceptional results within budget showcases our belief in technology’s power to make impactful changes affordably.

Being a Louisiana company, we leverage the LA Digital Media Tax Credits Program not just for financial benefits but as a strategic tool to enhance digital media and education projects’ accessibility. This approach doesn’t only save costs—it’s an investment in immersive XR technology and education’s future, enabling ambitious projects that promise substantial societal impact.

Our Partnership with Unity

Our partnership with Unity Technologies places us at the forefront of real-time 3D content innovation. As a Platinum Level Reseller, we’re shaping the future of immersive learning, addressing current needs while eyeing future opportunities.

Being part of the Unity COE Partner Program, we empower the next generation of creators with advanced tools, preparing them for digital leadership. We set innovation and impact standards through the Unity Certified Creator Network, sharing a vision to use technology for meaningful change.

Academy of Interactive Entertainment (AIE)

Our collaboration with the AIE boosts our capacity for any project, especially in immersive learning development. This partnership showcases our digital expertise and leadership in educational innovation. Merging our XR Design & Development skills with the Academy’s educational prowess, we’re at the cutting edge of tech and learning. It’s not just about immersive learning experiences; it’s about sparking innovation, sharing knowledge, and readying people for a future where XR technology enhances immersive learning and opens new opportunities. Our projects, big or small, aim to profoundly impact learning and business.

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Design, Development & Distribution

We collaborate with partners to deliver effective, cost-efficient technology and immersive learning solutions that enhance business and educational outcomes.

The Future of Work & Professional Development

We advance workforce development by offering industry-standard training to prepare creators for a digital future.

Business Development & Partnerships

We build strategic partnerships to create scalable solutions that address immediate challenges and drive industry transformation.

Illuminate the Future of  Education

Transform into a Unity Certified Instructor with the ‘Create the Creator’ Program

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